Introducing: Ren London

Introducing Ren London

We caught up with the talented Ren from Ren London to talk design, her favourite East London hotspots and which new trends are getting her excited. 

Describe your style in 3 words.

Classic, mindful, comfortable.

What inspired you to start designing and making your printed pieces for the home?

    I loved linen and had been buying it from a local dead-stock fabric shop with the intention of making clothing, but started making towels and blankets instead. The geometric designs were sparked by the discovery of African mud cloth and it evolved from there.
    How long on average does it take you to make one of your cushions or throws?
      It’s hard to tell exactly because I’ll work in stages - cut all the fabric at once, then print, then sew, and finish by heat setting the ink. Block printing is the slowest way of printing textiles.
      What trends in design/lifestyle are getting you excited right now?
        I really love a colour right now. It’s a terracotta shade and I don’t know if that’s a trend, but I can’t get enough if it!
        As for lifestyle, I’m pleased to see that people are becoming more conscious consumers and more brands are producing in a slower, more mindful and transparent way. I certainly hope it’s not just a passing trend.
        Where do you source your inspiration from?
        I love abstract art and pinterest is an endless source of imagery.
        Ren Workshops
        Photography by Chloe Winstanley 
        Your studio is based in East London. What’s the one thing you’d recommend we see if we had a couple of hours there?
          Visit Bonds Hackney. It’s such a beautiful multi-use space. It’s the headquarters to Earl of East London candle brand, but there’s also coffee and a shop of carefully curated products for the home. Then I would urge you to stroll down the canal for a wander around Victoria Park. I love how rich this city is with green spaces.
          Ren London Throw
          Where is your favourite place in East London to - Breakfast?
            You’ll find me most mornings at Wilton Way cafe. For a really indulgent breakfast go to The Good Egg.
            Where is your favourite place in East London for - Dinner?
              Wolf in Stoke Newington or Morito in Hackney.
              Where is your favourite place in East London to - Drink?
              Sager and Wilde for wine or I swing by my local pub, The Prince Arthur, after a doggy walk in London Fields.
              What is your biggest extravagance?
                I lead a pretty mindful lifestyle, so wouldn’t really consider anything an extravagance. I recently invested in a few pairs of Jesse Kamm sailor pants, some might call that an extravagance, but I shop very little for myself and when I do I invest in pieces.
                What’s the most played band/song on your playlist?
                  Ata Kak - Obaa Sima (listen here).
                  Apart from Ren London who is your favourite independent designer?
                    I love Laurie Maun’s embroidered cushions and Giannina Capitani's knitted homeware range. My friend Zoe Morton’s jewellery brand is exceptional.
                    If you could spend 24 hours in any city in the world where would it be and why?
                      I usually avoid cities when traveling and opt for the country, but one of my favourites is Naples because it’s unlike any other city I’ve ever been to. I love the authenticity, chaos and absurdity of the place. Good pizza.
                      What’s next for Ren London? Give us a clue :)
                        A seriously delicious variety of fabrics in the S/S18 clothing line.
                        Shop the Ren London collection here
                        For all Ren's favourite places & more City Guides check out our Pinterest Boards.

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