The Top 5 Art Trends For The Home

Make a statement with bold graphics, spontaneous lines drawings or abstract modern shapes. We're calling out the art trends that continue to take us through 2018 and help refresh your home.

Abstract Modern

 Bold colours or the use of soft pastels, combined with complex shapes and patterns is often the creative mix in Abstract Modern Art. It allows the viewer to freely interpret the design, creating an eye-catching centre piece in any home. We've selected two of our favourite pieces below by multidisciplinary artist Laurie Maun. You can view more of her collection here.

Laurie Maun Abstract Art Prints

  (Arthur Print | A Typical Print) 


Bold Primary Colours

Uncompromising pallets of red, blue and green have influenced everything from fashion to interiors in 2018. Matched with bold graphics and punchy phrases, a primary inspired print will stand out on any wall. Hotel Magique tick every box when it comes to this trend and we've selected our favourite prints below. Full collection can be seen here.

   (Pool Lines Print | Cassette Art Print)  


Line Drawings   

Simple fluid forms and spontaneous line drawings have been a massive trend in 2018. Taking influences from the great modern artists of the 20th century (think Henri Matisse and Henri Gaudier-Brzeska) we see a new wave of illustrations inspired by line drawings and the human form. We caught up with artist Meg Abbott to discuss her inspiration behind her latest project titled 'faces I don't know' - below are some pieces stocked at Life Store. Read the full article here.
    (Westerpark | Dreaming) 

Urban Jungle

Creating key touchstones of nature in our homes has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. Exploring natural hues, subdued beige and brown wholesome aesthetics to wildly bold 70's style green leaves, there are countless ways to transform your home into a tranquil, relaxing urban jungle. The below prints are from artist Stephanie De Smet's collection 'inside green.

 (Inside Green Print | Coiffure Print) 



 The kinship trend is tapping into the combination of cultures, complementing each other, creating new and innovative prints and patterns. Off-white, terracotta and dark eclectic shapes create a warm, rustic feeling, as artist Alessandra Chambers captures in her 'Atlas' print featured below. Muted, natural colours sit perfectly against the kinship style. 

 (Atlas Print |  Column and Shell Print

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